,Ugg Boots Clearance Gulftainer head Cheap Ugg Boots office has gone into partnership with the Sharjah based Bee'ah Ugg Boots
Gulftainer's recent efforts to increase its recycling efficiency have been Ugg Boots Clearance rewarded, as senior management welcomed a delegation from Bee'ah, who presented a certificate to recognise the Cheap Ugg Boots Ouelet Company's ongoing commitment to improving the environment. Bee'ah is the Middle East's largest and award winning waste management company, also based in Sharjah, and their team, Saif Cheap Ugg Boots Abdulla Al Sharif, Director of the Recycle Business & Collection, Muhammad Musa and Hasim Kathiri, met with Gulftainer's Group Managing Director, Peter Richards, Group Director of Cheap Ugg Business Services, Ramesh Shivakumaran and Group QHSE Manager, Magimairaj Bose, to present the award and discuss further initiatives.

Some of the initiatives now in place within the Cheap Ugg Boots Ouelet Gulftainer workplace include: recycling paper, plastic, e-wastes in the offices and oils, batteries and tyres in the engineering Ugg Boots Clearance departments to name just a few. The company no longer disposes of any of its wastes into landfill.

Peter Richards, Gulftainer's Group Managing Director said: "We are Ugg Boots delighted to accept this certificate from Bee'ah and to be actively involved in making the Emirate of Sharjah a greener environment. As a company we believe it is our responsibility to Cheap Ugg Boots lead by example and continue to increase the awareness of using the 3 R's (reduce, re-use, recycle) in the work place and beyond. We hope that these initiatives will highlight how easy Cheap Ugg it is to make a difference."